Favorite game of my friend – moviestarplanet

Yesterday my mom said me one great news. My cousin Sergey Russia was coming  to visit us. That was so awesome cause I like him a lot, he is my age and every summer he coming to visit us. Me and mom waited for him on the airport and he finally arrived. I was so happy to see him and he also was happy because we are going to spend summer together. We take a cab from the airport and soon after we was at my place. I told him to go upstairs and leave his stuff to my room and I will wait him in the living room. After a while he showed up and I noticed his shirt it was written something that got my attention(MovieStarPlanet).


I asked him what is that and he said that is a game, new and very popular. That was interesting to me because I really like to play games. I asked him to tell me a little bit more about that game. This is what I found out about MSP. MovieStarPlanet is new and very popular social game, game was made for kids and everyone love to play MSP. In this game you are a movie star and main thing was to be famous and popular. You can choose your own styling and also the look of your character. You can chat with other players and add them to be your friend, you can go to the beach or in the zoo if you want. In this game you are going to live in the city of movie stars. You can also create your movie and become famous among other players. my cousin told me that he is playing this game for a while but his progress was slow because he never have enough diamonds and starcoins to buy the stuff he want and he don’t want to spend real money to buy diamonds and starcoins.

msp game online

I told him that we can try to find some advices and tips online. So we did, we visited some forums, watch some videos on Youtube and after a while we found a video where some guy explain that you can have all the diamonds and starcoins you want, even VIP and all for free. That was so awesome, finally we found what we need. So what we found was a MovieStarPlanet hack uploaded on one site. With this MSP cheat you will have a lot of diamonds and starcoins you want, you will even have VIP for whole one year. MSP cheat is uploaded so you dont have to download anything and like I said is absolutely free and also safe. Hack is protected by his creators so no one in the game will know that you are cheating and you wont be banned. Sergey was so happy because we found this and now it was much easier to play. I also downloaded and start playing with him, this is going to be best summer ever!

Why is Clash Royale my favorite game this year

Hi everyone, my name is John and today I want to tell you about one really awesome game that I recently found out. First let me introduce myself. Like I said my name is John, I’m attending middle school and I also volunteer in a zoo. I always loved animals, because of that I really love my job. Wolves are my favorite species. I love them because they live and hunt as a pack, family is what makes them strong. Few weeks ago accident happened, one of the wolves has escaped from his cage and we had to evacuate the whole zoo, everyone was in panic because of that.

clash royale best game

On the end, zookeepers had to put him to sleep and that was so sad to me. Anyway, yesterday one of my colleague ask me can I replace him on his work because he wanted to go on vacation with her family and I accepted. So the next few days my job will be to look after the zoo over the night. Yesterday was my first shift and I was so bored, me alone in the zoo, it’s a different story at night, it’s not that interesting at all. Most the animals are sleeping and the ones who don’t, they make scary noise all the night. After a while I started to think what can I do to make all that a little bit more fun. All I had with me was my phone and I was on Facebook all the time but that started to bored me a lot.


After a while I started to search for some game to play. It was hard to decide which one to play because all of them was something that I already was playing before. Then I found something interesting, game called Clash Royale. Some guy posted a link of this game on Facebook and his comment about this game was promising, he said that he finally found a game to play and never be bored. Next moment that game was in my phone already. That guy was right, Clash Royale is one really awesome game. In the beginning you have a short training to pas and after that you can start with real fun. This is what I can tell you about Clash Royale.


It’s very simple to play but still you will have so much fun. In the game you have three crown towers and one of them is king tower. Your opponent also have three towers. If your king tower is destroyed you’ll instantly lose and if you manage to destroy your opponent king tower you’ll instantly win. You have different type of troops to use for attack and defense. After every battle you will receive some rewards, also you will receive some new cards with new type of troops that you can use in your battles. The only thing that is bad about this game is that after some time you won’t have enough gold and resources to continue with your progress, then you have two options.


You can wait for them to collect or you can buy them with your real money and no one likes to do that. I had enough time to search on some forms and try to find something that will help me with this. I found solution very fast. The same guy who posted link for this game also posted link of one very useful tool. That was Clash Royale hack, this tool will provide you enough gems and gold to make you progress much faster. It’s easy for use and it’s free, you dont have to pay for using this. With Clash Royale generator you will have even more fun. This hack is absolutely protected so you won’t be banned.

Know more about Ourworld gem cheats

OurWorld is an online multiplayer game where user makes an avatar and enters a practical g lobe in the sky. Players choose from dozens of famous and original games and play to get currency for clothing, furniture, pets and much more. Nearby this is a rich practical world with Disco clubs, beaches, coffee bars, and shopping sites. Players have their own flats and missions to do as they rise over the positions of the role playing experience that sticks it all together.

Search the world or hang out with groups in your own house. Get a distinctive look, meet cool new persons, play &receive coins plus so much more!

If you are OurWorld player you certainly know that it would be abundant to have some king of cheat that can provide you with ourworld gem code. With this OurWorld Hack you can do precisely that itcould be also utilized for adding Coins to aid you purchase things much simpler than before. This OurWorld online Gems generator if 100% secure to use for the reason that it uses Anti Ban script so there is no probabilities of getting barred. It also has an Auto Proxy feature which aids you to use it repeatedly without getting detected.

We decided to develop some Ourworld Cheats that works on entire platforms of this game. It’s got pretty a lot of beneficial features that you won’t find anywhere else. All of the assets you add with the Ourworld Hack in your profile, they don’t miss. The anti-ban system is completely supreme and you can hack the resources inside the game without a sound.

You can really get as several gems as you need for free; the whole thing you have to do is gain levels. I like to name this cheat “gem mining”, for the reason that you have to work to get the free gems. It’s actually simple and has some steps. First, you want to open the friends tab, then you hit it off “invite friends”. Now’s the trick, in its place of writing a friend’s e-mail id, you can write your own. And soon you’ll obtain on ourworld invite.

Then, in the e-mail click “go to ourworld” & it will bring you to the main page, there you have to press “not a member” & join once again. When you reach level 5 with your fresh avatar, you’ll receive five gems for your previous Avatar. It is significant that you go to your e-mail by clicking the “go to our world” because then you won’t get gems. And you can make novel, avatars repeatedly and get as numerous gems as you need, it’s your choice and by Ourworld gems codes. The assets can be added to infinite.

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